4 Things You Need to Know About Wound Care

by | Jun 30, 2017 | Uncategorized

No matter who you are, or what circumstances you have in your life, it is impossible to overstate the importance of minding your physical health. When there is a problem—like a wound—it needs to be addressed, plain and simple. Failure to do so can result in bigger issues!

Our hope at Omega Medical Group is that you are able to stay safe and avoid serious medical problems. Keeping that in mind, here are 4 things you should know about wounds and wound care:

1. Wounds can originate both internally and externally.

It’s easy to think about external wounds –cuts, scrapes, and burns for example. Less commonly considered are internal wounds, created by the body— these include blisters, calluses, and corns. This is particularly important to know if you or a loved one is diabetic. Blisters and calluses can break down over time and become dangerous ulcers.

2. Wound care is important for all people.

Individuals who are afflicted with diabetes must practice smart diabetic foot care to protect their feet. When diabetic patients sustain even small wounds, they create an open doorway for microorganisms to enter the body. The impaired immune system may be unable to fight off the infection, and this can lead to a gangrenous situation and even amputation.

Nondiabetic individuals need to be careful with wounds as well. The risk for an emergency medical situation is not as high as it is with diabetes, but it’s still there (especially if you have an underlying issue that compromises the immune system).

3. There are wound care measures you can take.

If diabetes is in the picture, flush out the wound with clean, running water to remove any potential irritants. Do not use hydrogen peroxide or antibacterial products. Instead, cover the rinsed wound with a clean bandage and then contact our Miami office for the earliest possible appointment. In the event you experience signs of infection (warmth, drainage, fever), go to the emergency room.

If you’re not diabetic, you are likely fine using hydrogen peroxide or antibacterial ointment. You may wish to contact our office for advice based on your specific circumstances.

4. There are wound care measures we need to provide.

Whereas there are actions you can (and should!) take on your own, Omega Medical Group has advanced procedures and products so your wound can heal in an optimal manner.


These are four important things to know about wound care, but there are certainly other considerations as well. If you are interested in wound care because you have diabetes, make sure you schedule an appointment with us so we can create a diabetic foot care plan to keep you safe.

If you would simply like more information on either this topic or the wound care services we provide—or you need to request an appointment with our Miami office—give us a call at (305) 514-0404 and a we’ll be glad to help.