How do I know if my ankle is sprained or broken?

Recognizing whether you have sustained an ankle sprain or a broken ankle is important for knowing what kind of treatment you require. Both conditions cause pain and exhibit similar symptoms, but a sprain is injury to the ligaments supporting the joint, whereas a fracture happens to the bones forming the joint.

The key signs and differences between a sprain and fracture begin with your ability to place weight on the affected ankle. If you can place at least some weight on it shortly after the injury, and for the next several hours, this is an indication you have sustained a sprain. Additionally, if you can press the area without experiencing too much pain, you probably haven’t broken any of your ankle bones.

Being unable to walk is one sign of a break, but you can also identify an ankle bone fracture if RICE therapy—rest, ice, compression, elevation—does not resolve the pain.

Either way, Omega Medical Group is here to help. Our skilled professionals will provide an accurate diagnosis and then create an effective treatment plan to help you recover in a safe, timely manner.

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