Will I Need Surgery for My Chronic Heel Pain?

by | May 31, 2018 | Regenerative Medicine

Who has time for foot surgery?

In a busy world and bustling city, filled with active people, the mere idea of spending an extended period of time off your feet can seem terrifying. Will you be able to take time off from work? Who will look after the kids? Can I really go six weeks without running?

We get it.

Yes, there are going to be cases when surgery is absolutely necessary and can’t be delayed any longer. But just like you, we see that as a last resort only.

If it’s within our power to help you avoid surgery and shorten your recovery time as much as possible, we’ll do it. And we’ve invested in a lot of advanced research and therapies, including regenerative medicine and Clarix Flo, in order to do that.

We’ll show you what we mean, but first things first.

If You Want to Avoid Surgery, See Us as Soon as Possible

Simply put, the sooner you come see us after you begin noticing heel pain symptoms, the more likely we can help you without resorting to invasive procedures.

Now, does that mean you’re doomed to surgery if you wait months before making the call? No, not at all! We’re often able to help sufferers of chronic pain using regenerative medicine.

However, your odds are always the best if you don’t delay seeing a specialist. It will minimize the risk that you’ll eventually need surgery, and usually means fewer treatments sessions and shorter recovery times as well.

We Go Beyond the Basics to Help You Recover Fast

The traditional conservative methods of dealing with heel pain include things like RICE therapy (rest, ice, compression, elevation), foot and calf stretches, splints to wear at night, and pain medications—both anti-inflammatory pills and corticosteroid injections.

These treatments have their place. But for people who are suffering from more severe pain—or those who need their downtime to be a short as possible—recent medical advances have provided better solutions.

At our office, this includes regenerative therapies, including Clarix Flo. This state-of-the-art procedure is an injection made from micronized amniotic material (placental lining and umbilical cord), voluntarily donated by mothers after healthy C-section births.

Unlike simple cortisone shots, Clarix Flo actually treats and heals the fundamental injury itself, rather than just soothe the symptoms. In this way it’s more like an older therapy you may be familiar with—platelet-rich plasma therapy, which was very popular with elite athletes in the 90s and early 00s. However, Clarix Flo produces far superior results than even PRP.

Amniotic tissue has unique regenerative properties, with an incredibly concentrated mix of biologic factors that promote tissue growth and repair without evidence of scarring or damage. (After all, it’s meant to nourish and sustain a child in the womb!)  When injected into the site of a chronic inflammatory injury—such as plantar fasciitis and other common causes of heel pain—it promotes rapid healing and recovery.

Heel Pain

What If I Do Need Surgery?

Surgery is very rarely needed for heel pain, especially with such advanced regenerative therapies at our disposal. However, with extreme cases it may be unavoidable.

But once again, even when surgery is required, regenerative therapies like Clarix Flo can be used alongside surgery to help significantly speed up the healing and recovery phase.

We Can Help You Prevent Future Cases of Heel Pain, Too

During the examination phase of treatment, we’ll of course determine what the root causes of your heel pain truly are. That way, we can help you take steps to correct them so you don’t keep struggling with the same issues over and over again!

Sometimes, simple lifestyle advice can be the most important. For example, wearing better shoes or changing up your exercise routine a bit can really reduce the daily wear and tear on your heels.

We are also proud to provide high quality custom orthotics for people who have more significant structural problems with their feet. These are significantly better than the flimsy cushioned insoles you can buy at the store, but they’re also better than most custom orthotics you can get from other foot doctors.

That’s because we use total contact orthotics, which correct your foot posture and joint alignment not only when you’re standing, but also when you aren’t bearing weight. This greatly reduces strain on your feet and limbs throughout the day.

Our Approach Is Action-Oriented

The goal at Omega Medical Group is always to minimize downtime and keep you as active as possible while recovering as quickly as possible. The less time you spend sitting around and waiting for things to get better, the easier and faster your rehabilitation will be, since strength and mobility won’t decline as much in the interim. It’s sort of like starting from halfway up the mountain, instead of all the way at the bottom.

We also work hard to provide a custom-tailored treatment plan for each person who walks through our doors. Every heel pain sufferer has a unique reason for being there, and unique priorities and goals for their lifestyle. Each case requires careful, individual consideration so that every patient receives the best possible care for them.

For the vast majority of those people though? We’re happy to resort that the answer for heel pain is no surgery required!

Ready to get your active lifestyle back? To schedule an appointment with Dr. Marizeli Olacio and Omega Medical Group, give us a call today at (305) 514-0404.