Correcting Ingrown Toenails

by | May 25, 2017 | Skin and Nail Problems

An ingrown toenail can be extremely distressing for any number of reasons. One, they hurt. Two, they can make your toe so sensitive it’s hard to even put on shoes. Three, they can open the door to a dangerous bacterial infection, or an unsightly and embarrassing fungal toenail problem.

We could go on, but you get the idea.

Fortunately, an ingrown toenail isn’t something that you have to suffer through. As a matter of fact, at Omega Medical Group (OMG), our podiatrist, Dr. Marizeli Olacio, offers same-day solutions for ingrown toenails. We love seeing the relief in our patients’ faces when they discover that, after their procedure, they can walk out the door pain free!

The procedure is relatively straightforward. We’ll apply a local anesthetic to the toe so that you can’t feel anything. Then, very carefully, we cut out the offending edge or corner of the nail. This brings immediate, significant relief. Of course, if there are any ongoing infections those will need to be addressed, but otherwise we’ll bandage your toe, give you a few post-operative instructions, and send you on your way. Generally you’ll want to keep your foot elevated for the rest of the day, but most people can go back to work or school within 24 hours of the procedure.

Depending on the nature of your ingrown toenail, we may also suggest a second procedure to remove a portion of the nail matrix. This is tissue responsible for growing new nail, so removing it will permanently prevent that sliver of nail from returning. Opting for this procedure will lengthen the recovery period somewhat, but it’s still a great choice for people worried about recurring problems.

Obviously, people are concerned about how their toenails will look after the procedure, especially if the permanent solution is selected. The good news is, since usually only a small portion of the nail must be removed, you shouldn’t worry about your toes looking out of place. You can still paint them and rock a good pair of sandals without feeling self-conscious!

In today’s fast-pace world, you shouldn’t have to slog through your day with painful toes. Don’t let ingrown nails slow you down! For a same-day solution to your problem, please contact OMG today at (305) 514-0404.