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At Omega Medical Group (OMG), we see patients from all walks of life. Their conditions may be different—heel pain for one, sports injury for another, diabetic wound for the next—but they’re all really looking for the same thing: the ability to walk, run, and play without pain.

Foot care isn’t just about the feet—it’s about the whole person. The real problem with pain in the lower limbs is that it keeps you from doing what you love, whether that’s playing a sport, enjoying a day off with the kids or grandkids, or simply being able to accomplish daily tasks. Each foot, each problem, and each person is unique, which is why we’re fully committed to providing individualized care for a thorough range of foot and ankle injuries, illnesses, disorders, and problems.

Our Core Specialty Areas

Sports Injuries of the Foot and Ankle

Your feet have shouldered the load of several times your own body weight with each step—more if you’re running or jumping—so it’s no surprise that injuries happen. We see joint sprains, Achilles tendon tears and ruptures, broken bones, stress fractures, and other athletic injuries regularly at our office.

We know how important it is to stay active, and how much you enjoy your favorite activities. That’s why our focus is to get you moving as quickly as possible. Rest is also part of the healing process, yet it’s the balance between movement and rest that will help you heal faster while keeping stiffness and weakness at bay.

Diabetic Foot Conditions and Wounds

It is absolutely critical to understand the impact that diabetes can have on foot health. Diabetes damages nerves, impairs circulation, and significantly slows your body’s natural healing processes, particularly in the lower limbs. Conditions such as peripheral neuropathy, peripheral arterial disease, and foot wounds and ulcers that don’t heal are common in patients with diabetes. Worse, when wounds don’t heal and you don’t seek help, they may get infected and spread. You could ultimately lose your foot or part of your leg, and unfortunately many people do.

At OMG, we stress that preventative approaches—including daily at-home foot care, regular professional diabetic foot examinations, and a healthy diet and exercise—are vital. Working hand-in-hand with Dr. Manuel Gonzalez, a vascular surgeon, we offer continual conservative care, non-invasive vascular studies, advanced wound care, and other treatments designed to both prevent future complications and fix existing problems quickly, doing whatever possible to prevent amputations and back to enjoying an active lifestyle.

Charcot Arthropathy

Also known as Charcot foot, this condition is one of the most severe potential complications of diabetes. Due to significant nerve damage and circulation reduction, bones and joints in the feet and ankles weaken, then dislocate and fracture even if there’s no pain or obvious injury. As it progresses, the deformities often become obvious and extreme. Dr. Olacio is specially trained in surgical reconstruction of Charcot athropathy, and will do everything in her power to salvage your foot and allow it to function normally again.

Biomechanical Concerns

Your feet are your foundation, and when they’re out of alignment your whole body suffers. It’s amazing how often our patients will return to us after we’ve addressed a foot concern and told us, “I don’t have knee or back pain anymore!” It’s no surprise—a bad foundation puts pressure and stress on all the other muscles and joints that have to compensate for unstable feet.

Flat feet are one of the most frequent contributors to faulty biomechanics, and flatfoot reconstruction is one of Dr. Olacio’s surgical specialties. We also treat many other foot problems and deformities that cause biomechanical stress, such as high arches, bunions, and hammertoes. Our first choice is in most cases is to use conservative treatments such as custom orthotics or PRP injections, but sometimes surgery is necessary. We employ minimally invasive surgical techniques wherever possible that allow you to get back on your feet faster (in some cases already by the 2nd week, rather than the 5th) and produce significantly less scarring than traditional methods.

Other Conditions We Treat

In addition to our core specialties, OMG provides comprehensive foot and ankle care for many other foot conditions, such as:

Heel and Arch Pain

Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of pain in the heel and arch, and the discomfort is usually worse early in the morning or after any extended rest. However, a wide variety of other conditions can cause similar symptoms, such as bursitis, Haglund’s deformity, heel spurs, and Achilles tendinitis. At OMG we take great care to evaluate your pain thoroughly so that you get treatment that works the best for you—no cookie-cutter solutions.

Skin and Nail Problems

Your skin and toenails are your first line of defense against injury and infection—plus we know you want your skin and nails to look and feel good, too! Common conditions and infections include ingrown toenails, fungal toenails, athlete’s foot, warts, and heel fissures. We will work closely with you to keep your feet healthy and looking beautiful. In many cases we can even offer same-day solutions—for example, most people are back on their feet right away after we fix an ingrown toenail, and our KeryFlex procedure provides immediate aesthetic improvement for a cloudy fungal nail.

Pediatric Conditions

Because they’re still growing and their bones are still soft, children experience different foot problems from adults and require a different approach. Problems may include frequent tripping, painful inherited flat arches, feet or legs that are turned inward (intoeing) or outward (out-toeing), complaints of being tired easily, and adolescent heel pain caused by stress on the growth plate. Because young children may not have any pain from their condition (or may not want to tell you if they do), you’ll have to watch carefully for any signs of trouble—although some pediatric problems may resolve naturally in time, there are other significant conditions that your child won’t grow out of on his or her own.

Don’t overlook or ignore what your feet are telling you. If you’re experiencing any kind of foot pain or discomfort and it’s keeping you from living the life you want to live, please call Omega Medical Group today at (305) 514-0404.

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