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  • 2020 Winter
    Taking Outdoor Activity Indoors; Summer-Reader Toenails Require a Winter Head Start; Don’t Rush Shoes on Your Little One
  • 2020 Summer
    Take on These Tips for Preventing Shin Splints; Know Your PRICE When Injury Strikes; How to Keep Healthy, Showable Toenails
  • 2019 Winter
    How to Be Kinder to Your Feet in 2020; Signs Your Orthotics Need a Checkup; Have Back Pain? Consider Your Sleep Position; Cauliflower Soup
  • 2018 Fall/Winter
    Keep Diabetes from Destroying Your Feet; Dealing with Dry, Cracked Feet; Is Gratitude Good for You?; Recipe: Cauliflower Stuffing; When is the Time to Treat Fungal Nails? Now!
  • 2018 Spring /Summer
    Keeping Your Feet Happy at Work; Causes of Ball of Foot Pain; How to Build Balance and Keep Ankles Steady; How to Make Pancakes Healthier; Does My Hammertoe Need Treatment?
  • 2017 Fall/Winter
    Neuropathy Know-How; Unwrap Ways to Prevent Peroneal Tendonitis; Family Traditions and Inherited Issues; Recipe: Sugar-Free Cranberry Creations; What Makes Diabetic Shoes Different?

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