Custom Orthotics

No two people have exactly the same feet, or walk exactly the same way. Some are narrow and some are wide. Some have high arches, while others are low—or completely flat. Unfortunately, not all these foot structures and gait patterns are equally good at allowing you to stand, walk, run, jump, and go about your day without pain. Abnormalities can lead to strain and injury, and until you do something about them, the pain will only keep returning.

That’s how custom orthotics can help. These are specially crafted insoles that you slide into your shoes and walk on as you go through your day. Custom orthotics not only add stability and cushioning, but additional support (if that’s what your feet need), but they also keep your feet and ankles in a healthy biomechanical alignment, reducing stress on bones and joints throughout your entire body and preventing future pain and injury.

Made Just for You

Custom orthotics are NOT the same as flimsy cushioned insoles that you see advertised on TV or lining the shelves at your local pharmacy. Those are mass produced to approximately fit a small range of common foot types. That’s not to say they can’t offer some temporary relief of minor aches and pains. However, they aren’t going to be much good against tougher pain, and they also won’t correct the fundamental biomechanical flaws in your feet.

Custom orthotics are different. Each pair is individually crafted, based on either a mold or digital scan of your own two feet. We get your measurements, and then send them to the lab so that your orthotics can be made. What you’ll get is a pair of inserts that provide exactly what your feet need, whether that’s more cushioning, elevation for the heel, support for the arch, stability for the ankles, or otherwise. They are much more effective than store-bought insoles at relieving tough pain, and they last longer, too.

Total Contact Orthotics

Standard orthotics, even most custom ones, do have a downside—they only “work” when you’re standing or otherwise bearing weight. Take a seat, and your feet and ankles return to their incorrect posture.

That’s why we carry total contact orthotics. This is our game changer. When you’re wearing them, they help keep your foot shape and joint position in proper alignment, even if you’re not actively bearing weight. This helps to further reduce pain and strain on your lower limbs.

Conditions Orthotics Can Treat

Because abnormal foot structure or gait patterns are an underlying cause in many foot conditions and injuries, custom orthotics can provide relief for a wide range of problems, including:

Remember that your feet are the foundation of your entire body. When your foundation is out of alignment, the entire body must struggle to compensate. Custom orthotics are not just for pain in your lower limbs—they help you feel better from head to toe.

At Omega Medical Group (OMG), our goal is always to get your feet back in step for better health. If you’re struggling with chronic pain in the feet and beyond, there’s a great chance custom orthotics can provide long-awaited pain relief. Better yet, because orthotics remove the fundamental source of the pressure and pain, you can remain active as you recover. To schedule your appointment at either of our convenient office locations, please call (305) 514-0404.

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