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In the medical world, change happens quickly. New technologies and therapies emerge every year. As a medical provider, if we want to keep offering the best possible care for our patients, we need to work hard to stay at the cutting edge!

That’s what we’ve done with a new form of treatment for damaged soft tissues (muscles, tendons, fascia). It’s called Clarix Flo, and it represents a quantum leap forward over old forms of regenerative injection therapy. Clarix Flo has even been used to treat world-class athletes!

Fortunately, you don’t need to play for the Heat, Dolphins, or Marlins to benefit from it.

Introducing Clarix Flo!

Clarix Flo is a game-changing injection therapy that falls under the category of regenerative medicine. It is packed with essential proteins and nutrients your cells need to repair and regenerate damaged tissues. When conservative treatments have failed to provide healing or just aren’t working fast enough, Clarix Flo can jump start and accelerate the process. This gets you back to your active lifestyle quickly.

Although we use Clarix Flo today to treat a wide variety of podiatric problems, it was originally conceived as a way to use donated amniotic membrane material (found in the lining of the placenta) to help chronic wounds heal more quickly. The bio-material was applied in the form of a patch or wrap, and the matrix proteins (including epidermal growth factor, transforming growth factor, and platelet-derived growth factor) encouraged faster tissue regeneration and wound closure.

However, it was quickly discovered that the amniotic membrane (along with tissue from the umbilical cord) could be broken down into particulates (or “micronized”) so that it could be injected into a painful area. The amniotic material retains its regenerative properties, but could now be delivered deep into damaged tissues rather than applied only on the surface. This allows for safe pills at and accelerated injury recovery, including for some of the most common painful foot and ankle conditions, including inflammatory pain, degenerative diseases, stiff joints, and more.

Clarix Flo is the product of more than 20 years of medical research and has been used successfully and safely in more than 200,000 procedures.

Soft Tissue Injuries in the Lower Limbs

Just how exciting is Clarix Flo as a treatment option for active individuals with foot and ankle pain? It might help to give you some concrete examples.

Take plantar fasciitis, the most common cause of heel pain in adults. This condition is the result of excessive or repetitive stress and force on the plantar fascia, a thick band of tissue that supports and upholds the arch of the foot. Plantar fasciitis pain generally hurts the worst after sleeping or a long rest. Essentially, this is because the body starts trying to repair the tears in the tissue during rest periods, but can’t complete the work before it’s time to get up again. When you stand up again, the plantar fascia stretches out and the tears rip back open, leading to sharp pain. After a few minutes, the pain becomes duller.

Achilles tendinitis is a similar type of overuse injury to soft tissue, affecting the “heel cord” at the back of the leg. It is extremely common among runners and “weekend warriors” who don’t get much exercise during the work week, and overexert themselves on the weekends.

Patients with either of these issues are good candidates for Clarix Flo, which can significantly reduce the overall healing and recovery time and allow you to stay active for longer. Clarix Flo can also be used for severe sprains and other common injuries, especially when other treatment options aren’t fast enough or haven’t given you the results you need. In many cases, it might even be able to prevent the need for surgical intervention.

Clarix Flo® and Athletes

As you can probably see, almost everyone can benefit from Clarix Flo. But it is especially appealing for athletes, or anyone with a physically active lifestyle. Some obvious benefits:

The treatment accelerates tissue healing and repair, and in some cases can cut overall recovery and rehabilitation time by as much as 50%.

It’s a great alternative to painkillers and cortisone shots, which only manage symptoms rather than treating the injury itself.

It can even keep an athlete out of season-ending surgery.

It’s no wonder that Clarix Flo is used by world-class athletes around the globe!

Advanced Treatment Options in Miami

Clarix Flo is an impressive injury treatment option that we’re happy to offer and recommend to our patients. However, it’s just one of several amazing, cutting-edge therapies available from Omega Medical Group. Any treatment plan we recommend will be personalized to your unique condition, needs, and lifestyle goals. If you have any questions about care we provide for foot and ankle injuries, or want to request an appointment with our Miami, FL office, simply give us a call at (305) 514-0404 today.

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