Getting Natural Help with Regenerative Medicine

by | Apr 25, 2018 | Regenerative Medicine

Humanity innovates, but nature has an innate ability to persevere and recover. It’s coded into the very being of life, and that natural ability can often be harnessed within ourselves, too.

Just think of the natural locations we have around us: the trails and pavilions of Oleta River State Park and the birding opportunities of Snake Warrior’s Island Natural Area. We have made green islands of these places as we’ve flourished with roads and homes around them. But if we were to suddenly disappear one day, would the flora and fauna remain within those boundaries? No way! They would grow and move outward, because that is what nature does.

Our bodies also have an innate ability to heal and recover from injuries. While this is often effective enough on its own (think of a scab forming over a cut), sometimes our human propensity to innovate can help guide and strengthen this natural ability. We call this “regenerative medicine.”

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What is Regenerative Medicine?

Whereas traditional medicine often introduces outside elements into the body, regenerative medicine harnesses the body’s own natural healing factors. By doing so, we can concentrate the natural healing and recovery effort into a specific area.

Regenerative treatments can have positive effects on many injuries such as plantar fasciitis, sprains, and tendinitis. Even stubborn, chronic injuries that were once thought only to be manageable have shown substantial improvement via regenerative methods. Previously, these types of treatments were mostly reserved for athletes who have suffered sports injuries, but have become more widespread over time.

That said, we are not here to tell you that traditional medicine is ineffective or obsolete. There are many cases where we may recommend a certain medication or method over regenerative treatments.

We make sure to perform a full examination of a patient’s health history, lifestyle needs (e.g. are you athletic or work on your feet all day?), and the history of their foot or ankle problem before discussing which treatments we believe may be best or most effective for their particular situation. Regenerative treatment options might also be reserved for when more conservative methods, such as orthotics or course of physical therapy, have been tried and not proven to be enough.

Regenerative Medicine at Omega Medical Group

We specialize in a form of regenerative therapy called Clarix Flo. We love talking about it: it’s quite amazing!

Clarix Flo is made from placental and amniotic tissue, which has the natural ability to decrease inflammation and create a stronger regenerative environment. These cells are injected into the site of pain or injury to promote pain and inflammation relief along with faster healing.

We only use amniotic membrane and umbilical cord tissue that has been voluntarily donated following Cesarean section. This is after the babies have already been healthily delivered, and the tissue would otherwise be discarded. All of it is also deeply screened, cleaned, and processed to make sure it is safe and usable.

In a more nature-based analogy, you might consider these stem cells as a form of compost, using what would otherwise become natural waste to encourage growth. Clarix Flo therapy has been shown effective in treatments of some types of chronic heel pain, sprains, and even partial tears. In some cases, the need for steroid injections or surgery has been negated.

The Next Step is Natural

Regenerative medicine involves advanced methods and, as we noted earlier, will not always be the first go-to depending upon an individual’s medical situation, needs, and history of treatment. Dr. Olacio and our expert staff will still be happy to discuss the potential of these options with you, along with all our recommendations. Our goal will always be to provide a treatment strategy that you are confident moving forward with.

Whether your foot and ankle needs involve aided natural recovery along or the intervention of additional treatments, Omega Medical Group in Miami and Miami Shores is here for you. We encourage you to learn more about the conditions you may be suffering from on our website. To make an appointment, simply fill out our online contact form of give us a call at (305) 514-0404.