Do You Need to Get Rid of a Bunion?

by | Oct 13, 2020 | Bunions

If a bunion has been a regular disturbance in your day-to-day life, you’ve probably dreamed of making it disappear for good. However, as you are likely already aware, there is no simple way to get rid of a bunion.

There is no such thing as a home remedy or treatment plan that can make a bunion correct itself and completely realign a shifted toe. The only means of eliminating the bony bump restoring a “normal” joint position is through bunion surgery.

When bunion surgery is a consideration, you can rely on the experts here at Omega Medical Group to perform the procedures that best meet your needs and have the fewest impacts as possible, helping you to heal faster, get back to action sooner, and minimize scarring and pain.

We specialize in both minimally invasive surgical techniques and the use of regenerative therapies like Clarix Flo to accelerate the post-surgical healing process. You can read all about it in this blog post.

That said, the best form of bunion treatment does not always involve getting rid of the bunion itself. For some individuals, surgery might not be recommended or simply might not be necessary.

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Conservative Treatments: Getting Rid of Bunion Symptoms

The goals of conservative bunion treatment are typically two-fold:

  • Provide as much relief from the symptoms of bunions (e.g. pain, discomfort, friction, etc.) as possible.
  • Slow down or stop the progression of the deformity as much as possible, helping to prevent symptoms from becoming worse.

When a conservative approach can meet these goals effectively, surgery may not need to be considered.

A number of different recommendations can be made as part of a non-surgical bunion treatment plan. Some of these, such as stretching exercises and changes to more accommodating footwear, can be accomplished at home.

Additional forms of treatment may be prescribed or recommended by us, including:

  • Custom orthotics – Shoe inserts prescribed to provide cushioning and corrective support exactly where your feet need them. For bunions, they can help cushion vulnerable areas as well as shift excess pressure away from the unstable joint at the base of the big toe.
  • Bunion Braces/Splints – These are devices that are typically worn to hold the toe in a more normal position, often recommended for use overnight or at home. They can help space the toes properly, reducing friction and discomfort, and come in a range of forms and compositions. We can help you determine the best equipment to meet your needs.
  • Padding – Providing added protection against pressure can reduce pain and irritation where the bunion rubs against the insides of shoes, or where toes rub against each other. We recommend non-medicated pads, as the moisture and chemicals in medicated pads may sometimes cause complications.

The earlier a bunion is diagnosed, the better it tends to respond to nonsurgical treatment. If your bunion does not respond well to non-surgical treatments, or it is clear from the start that it is too severe to do so, then surgery becomes a more likely option.

Bunion Surgery: Correcting the Bunion Itself

The primary goal of bunion surgery is to find lasting relief for pain and other symptoms that are interfering with your quality of life. It is almost never performed for cosmetic reasons only, although it certainly can restore a more normal appearance to your foot as well.

No two bunions are quite the same, and the approach to bunion surgery for each may differ. There are multiple different surgical procedures we can choose, and our recommendation for your particular case will depend upon your bunion’s shape, severity, your goals for bunion relief, and medical history, among other factors.

One goal we will always aim for whenever possible is providing a minimally invasive procedure. The less we have to open up the area for the procedure, the quicker you will heal and the less scarring you will have. We are well versed in minimally invasive techniques, and will happily discuss all of your options with you.

Recovery from bunion surgery will take time, and we want this period to be as comfortable and convenient for you as it can be. We will discuss with you how to best prepare for your surgery and recovery, and may recommend specific equipment (such as braces) during your recovery period.

We might also recommend advanced regenerative therapies to reduce healing time further. Clarix Flo injection therapy can accelerate recovery of soft tissues, making it a frequent post-operative recommendation.

Get the Bunion Treatment You Need – Now!

Whether conservative treatments or surgery is the best choice for your bunion, delaying a proper care plan only increases your chances of your bunion being more problematic and difficult to manage effectively.

Even if you aren’t sure at this time whether you even have a bunion, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If it turns out your suspicions were correct, you can save yourself an incredible deal of future discomfort!

Call us at (305) 514-0404 to schedule an appointment at either of our offices in North Miami Beach or Miami Shores. And if you prefer your initial consultation with us to be over telemedicine, that option is available.